simple-minded tasks.

Do you ever just need a moment to stop thinking? Seriously. When was the last time you put away every distraction and made time to stop thinking? Probably not in the last week if you’re an average person. That’s why I’m here to remind you: take a break.

I have for you a list of twenty-five things to cleanse your mind. They are extremely simple and easy; they require hardly anything to complete. None of them are strange or taboo, and I hope you’ll find at least a few of them to incorporate into your daily life. I alternate these to introduce stress relief to my mindset. Enjoy 🙂

  1. Exercising regularly can get your blood flowing and your brain clear. The only thing you’ll be focused on is enjoying (or in some cases, getting through) your workout. I like Pilates and aerobic dance like Zumba, as well as running and yoga.
  2. Reading a chapter or two of a childhood favorite such as Harry Potter or a self-help book like You Are a Badass can melt your troubles away.
  3. A 30-minute nap can work wonders for your mental state. It’s perfect if you just feel exhausted, or you just had a good cry. Don’t sleep too long; you don’t want to be disoriented when you wake.
  4. Study for a short while, if you’re a student. Mindless problems and the mundane repetition of something like flashcards can work you into a relaxing hypnosis. See my studygram here.
  5. A calming environment will chill out your headspace as well. Try a minimalist approach in at least one room, where you can go to be to clear your head.
  6. Sitting in sunshine honestly builds my mood so quickly. I feel instantly better and much more awake. Close your eyes and let the sun wash over you. No sunshine? See #7.
  7. Fruit = sun. Not scientifically, but it has some of the same qualities. It improves your mood, it contains important nutrients, and it wakes you up. Plus, who doesn’t like fruit? Sit quietly and enjoy a fresh orange, some blueberries, or other juicy goodness.
  8. Carry a list in your pocket to write down all the things that keep your mind racing. Is there a test tomorrow? Has someone been messing with you at work? Do you need to take care of something at home? Write it down. Let yourself forget.
  9. Watch one episode of a show you’ve seen a thousand times. Don’t let it surpass that. We, humans, have a bad habit of lazing on the couch, binge-watching the dryest of shows to space out. One is all you need, then get up and do something else.
  10. Cooking a meal from scratch is a physically and mentally healing activity. You’re moving, the aromas relax you, you’re focused on making the food taste good, and you get to eat it! Choose a recipe that contains a superfood and something comforting. Both will help clear your head.
  11. Play music while you do anything that doesn’t involve media. You don’t have to of course, but I find that adding some soft tunes or something empowering to an already enjoyable activity just calms me further.
  12. Having a dance party can boost your mood and help you forget any issues you might have at the moment. It gets the blood flowing and guys… it’s fun!
  13. Make something pretty that will satisfy your aesthetic. Artistically challenged? Go on other people’s Tumblrs or Instagrams and look at how pretty they are. It’s easy to lose yourself in something beautiful.
  14. Practicing photography can make you feel like you have a spark. Taking pictures, particularly of other people, really sets off a fire in your soul.
  15. Doodle or letter something inspiring. I got into brush lettering with my Tombow Fudenosukes and my Leuchtturm 1917 about a year ago, and I’m still kind of terrible. But every day I get better, and I love improving.
  16. Objectively looking at your finances and making a plan to save or pay off something can be therapeutic. I made a finance tracker in my bullet journal, and I can discuss it in a later post if you so request! (Now I’m a high school student, so I’m not sure how helpful this will be!)
  17. Simply not rushing while completing a task can fulfill your spirit so much more than getting something done more quickly than necessary.
  18. Examine your dreams in written or another visual format. I have a dream board (specifically a cork board collage) that shows photos of things I love, places I want to go, accomplishments I’m aiming for.
  19. Buying flowers for yourself can be such a sweet self-care activity. You’ll have them for several days, and it will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  20. Lighting candles will illuminate your space with happy, warm light. Your space will smell a-maz-ing. This is a personal favorite of mine.
  21. Cleaning outward clutter can help you clear your inward clutter. I can’t feel calm if I’m surrounded by mess. Yeah?
  22. Take yourself out for dinner or something else date-like. Going to the movies is a great option, as well as shopping, coffee, and walks in the park.
  23. Spa it up, even if you’re not a girl. Especially if you’re not a girl. Guys need to relax too! Use that body wash that smells like heaven on earth, exfoliate your skin, deep-clean your face, massage your scalp, and put on good lotion. Gotta be silky soft. 😉
  24. Get organized! I don’t just mean be clean. I mean develop a loose routine that involves being prepared and having extra time in your schedule. Try a planner or journal to make life easier. Have a good day simply because you planned it that way.
  25. Spending time with someone who inspires you can make you feel good and help you gain some insight. I like chilling with younger kids (my younger siblings), or with a friend who makes me feel relaxed. We all know the people we hang with who just make us uptight. There isn’t anything wrong with them, but try to surround yourself with calming people for a while. These are your people.

Please, indulge yourself in the goodness of mindless activities! I love you all.



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