creating a self-care station.

Self-care. We know it’s important. So why don’t we do it? Well, I think the better question is: why do we do it? Here’s the deal. We take care of ourselves when it’s convenient. I’ll be honest with you! Brushing your teeth and washing your face is a chore when it’s not easy to reach your products, or when you have to take your makeup off first, and even sometimes when you just want to sleep the day off. But then the next morning you wake up feeling gross, not wanting to move, not wanting to take care of yourself. I know that cycle, especially during the winter months. Now that it’s March, we’re all ready to get into spring cleaning and enlightenment. But where you should start is within yourself. That’s why I’ve decided to write this post about creating a special and accessible self-care station for your needs. I use this every day, and I can promise you that having an easily-seen station will make it frequently used.

What is a self-care station?

Simple. It’s a place for you to chill out. Take a load off. In my example, my station is a small bin with a few items that calm me down. For you, it might be an entire room that feels comfortable and safe. It could be your car. It can even be the outdoors if you’d like. The heart of this idea is that whatever your station is, that you visit it often and use the area to de-stress and feel more whole. Easier said than done, yeah? Let me help you with a couple steps.

  1. Evaluate what calms you. Planning your self-care space can be tricky if you don’t know what will make you feel cared for. Think about when you’re the most at peace. Is it a certain kind of music? A scent that relaxes your mind? Reading that self-help book you adore? Make a list of everything that calms you. It can be as long or as short as you’d like.
  2. Decide where your station will be. Mine is on my bedside table. I’d recommend anywhere you are frequently located. I sleep in my bed, therefore that’s where most of my time is spent. That’s where I wake up, where I decide how I feel for the day before getting up. Other good options are near your desk, the kitchen, in front of the TV if you have one (perhaps on the coffee table or under the couch), or in the console of your car.
  3. Choose your items. Most of these things should be things that you don’t need to replace. A good face mask, lotion, or candles are a decent exception to this. Otherwise, consider things you’ll keep there and only there. That way, these objects are linked with only happiness and self-love. In my bin, I keep a notebook and pen, some peppermint/orange essential oils, a sleep mask, and a small mp3 player that makes me feel nostalgic, headphones included. For your station, I’ve got a list of things.
  • blanket
  • small soft toy (we all like to cuddle)
  • cozy sweatshirt/sweater
  • a luxury snack (dark chocolate, special granola bar, favorite candy)
  • a bottle of water (try to make it a reusable one)
  • an old electronic (GameBoy or DS anyone?)
  • inspirational or happy ending book
  • a nice note from someone you love
  • a memorable photograph
  • adult coloring book & pencils
  • cozy or refreshing candle
  • lavender spray
  • coffee beans (they help you focus!)
  • tiny music player
  • a CD from a band you love
  • instrument (I play the ukulele to relax)
  • a list of numbers you can always call
  • heating pad
  • bath bomb
  • fuzzy socks
  • anything else you can think of!

Self-care can be tricky if we don’t make it intentional, but hopefully, these tips helped you a little. Trying to find your center through material items isn’t something we should completely rely on, but these little things that add value to us can truly allow us to feel more focused and ready for the next minute, hour, day, and so forth. Remember, take time to love yourself.


-wednesday ❤

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