why i’m a minimalist.

I hear this question a lot: “what is your why?” I didn’t understand how to answer that for quite some time. Now, it’s all I ever talk about. Why I chose to bullet journal. Why I love my friends. Why, why, why? It’s our driving force, isn’t it? We go to work for a reason. Maybe that’s because we’re trying to make money. Maybe it’s because we were told to do something with that degree. But wasn’t the goal long ago to do something we loved? That’s my goal at least. I want to walk into work (whatever or wherever that might be) and feel invigorated. I want to be ready for productivity the moment I step into the work zone. So what’s my why for minimalism?

Well, I want to feel free, plain and simple. Growing up in a rather messy household of six people, I always felt cramped and trapped. I was a clean freak, always doing chores and redecorating and lighting candles to…freshen up the space? Cleanse the aura of the house? I just wanted the rooms to feel like anything but what they did. My space never felt quite clean enough, and today I know why. It wasn’t that I couldn’t clean enough, it was that I was cleaning too much. There were too many things to keep in order.

So like any excited, sudden minimalist, I threw out half of my stuff and started over. Kind of. Well, I tossed out all the trash. And I felt better. The more I got rid of, the less I wanted things. And that felt beautiful. You know they tell you that you have more time, and you do. I have a small toiletry bag of things I use daily, even at home. So should I need to leave, I can pack it whenever, wherever. I know exactly what goes in my back each day. I have limited what gets placed on my surfaces so that I know it’s all being used. Anything that isn’t is wasting space.

So back to my “why.” I am a minimalist because I want to feel like I am not held down by physical constraints…those constraints being tangible objects which do not bring me happiness. And to this day, it makes me ten times happier.

What are you thinking?

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