putting your clothes in limbo.

I wanted to find a new way of saying “capsule wardrobe” because, in the minimalist world, that phrase is tired out. But I couldn’t find one, so I made one. It’s called the clothing limbo. Not like limbo as in *leans back and walks under bar* but as in *waiting in space and doing nothing*.

So the point of “clothing limbo” is to only keep your clothes there for a short amount of time. For example, a season or trip. Only the items you need are important. I thought I’d share my own personal limbo with you to give you a sense of what I’m talking about. So without further ado, here we are!

Colors: The colors I’ll be including in my closet limbo are:

  • black
  • white
  • brown
  • gray
  • navy
  • army green
  • blush pink
  • sky blue
  • denim
  • beige
  • mauve

By maintaining a color scheme for my ENTIRE wardrobe, it makes things easy to mix and match. Most of these colors go well together, which makes every item of clothing cohesive as a group. I can step back and look at my whole closet and say, “ahhhh, it’s obvious what I’m going to wear.” Or at least, that’s the hope.

Staples: The types of clothes I will always wear no matter what which are my style:

  • jeans (my favorite uniform)
  • tank tops
  • jackets (denim, leather, canvas, and hoodie variety)
  • sweaters
  • plain tees
  • skirts
  • underclothes (obviously)
  • yoga pants/leggings
  • flip flops
  • sneakers
  • boots
  • dress shoes

By having those items you’re always comfortable in, you can decide how to create a style of clothes that fit you and your lifestyle. Try to have pieces you can dress up or down, like t-shirts, skirts, and boots. Always wear quality over brand or quantity, and always make sure everything you wear makes you feel AMAZING. Not okay or good, AMAZING.

Seasonals: These are just the things that you need for certain seasons. Kind of the “extra” section.

  • coats
  • shoes
  • hats
  • swimwear
  • active wear
  • scarves
  • gloves
  • warmers

No-Nos: Dudes, there are just some things you HATE or that should never be in your arsenal of outfits. Some can be personal, but there are some obvious ones, too. My personal list is:

  • yellow, orange, red, and purple (not my colors)
  • all-black outfits (makes me feel depressed)
  • logos (no plugs)
  • crazy patterns (don’t match)
  • loud (again, don’t match)

Things I think should be on everyone’s list:

  • torn
  • too tight or loose
  • non-layerable or non-matchable items
  • scratchy or uncomfortable fabric
  • flimsy/bad quality fabric

Yes Please: This is the opposite of the previous section.

For me:

  • muted tones
  • cohesive
  • plain and simple

For everyone:

  • quality
  • comfort
  • well-fitting
  • can dress up or down
  • flattering
  • make you happy

Now this has been really long, but I also wanted to mention everything I’ve decided to include in my capsule wardrobe over the summer. Not everything in my limbo wardrobe (the stuff I’m not using) because I don’t think that’s useful. I’ll be on trips that require some work and a lot of walking/exercise, so I’m not packing many dress clothes. I don’t like dressing up anyway.


  • denim jacket
  • black tee
  • sky blue tee
  • black cami
  • white tee
  • army green tank
  • white cami
  • patterned black-and-white tank
  • army green canvas jacket
  • graphic space tank
  • one sweater (haven’t decided yet, likely my white one)
  • black button down
  • long sleeve navy shirt
  • gray tee
  • flannel shirt


  • two pairs black shorts
  • black flowy skirt
  • overall shorts
  • purple lightweight shorts
  • black skinnies
  • blue skinnies
  • gray skinnies
  • light wash jeans
  • black leggings
  • pattern leggings
  • black/pattern capri pants


  • black and white flip flops
  • hiking boots
  • tennis shoes
  • dress sandals
  • dress flats
  • off-white converse high tops (my no-logo exception)
  • black heels
  • dress boots


  • white ball cap
  • work gloves
  • swimsuit
  • sunglasses
  • one dress

So this post has been probably the longest I’ve made thus far, but I think you guys deserve it because of the two weeks I took off! Let me know your thoughts below!

-wednesday ❤

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