maintaining a positive environment.

I’m delving into my inner Kalyn Nicholson and creating the most zen spaces possible. Hi everyone! I hope we’re all feeling okay. I’m feeling rather at peace today. Some windows open, birds chirping, and a candle going. As I’m typing this, I’m on a live Instagram video. So let me know if you saw that video, and I’ll make sure to do more of them! I try to motivate others with studying and/or work, so please tell me if you’d like some more of that sort of thing. I feel that it’s more practical than YouTube and less time-consuming.

Ah. The topic of today’s post. So I noticed that the spaces I occupy got very…busy. Crowded. I would walk into a room and feel absolutely overwhelmed with everything in it. There was too much stuff, the lighting was too heavy on the eyes, and I couldn’t find exactly what I needed to do my work or feel at home. It felt like my room carried so much negative energy, so I decided to change that; I’m going to give you a few guidelines I kept in order to do so.

  • Lighting is your best friend
    • Before I made any huge changes, I decided to soften the light in my space. Pinkish-yellow light and warmer glows help me focus more. I feel happiest and the most productive with clean and warm light. I changed my clear bulbs for frosted ones, put up string lights instead of sharp lamps, and opened the curtains more often. I have two windows open at this moment, string lights draped over each, and on top of my desk, I have a Himalayan pink salt lamp. The last one is a new addition, and I think it suits my study vibes perfectly. It has warm light; it’s also very pretty to look at. I have looked at the health benefits of it, and I’m not exactly sure if the claims are true, but for now, it’s nice to have.
  • Smells, y’all
    • At any given time, I will have some sort of scent in my room. I mean, I’ve got a lot of candles and tea lights. I have essential oils and a diffuser. I have incense. I mean jeez, sometimes I’ll spray some perfume on my surfaces to make the place fresher. The key to this, though, is making sure that your space doesn’t smell like Bath and Body Works. Not necessary. At the same time that you release a smell, also de-scent your space, meaning: open the windows, turn on a fan. Let the scent be there, but let it be subtle.
  • Hygge
    • Okay guys. You may not have heard this word before. Don’t let it scare you! The word translates directly from Dutch to mean fun. But that’s really not what hygge is. Hygge means cozy or comfortable, and it’s that feeling you get when you finally plop down on the couch with a steaming cup of tea and a blanket to watch a classic film. It’s how you feel under the sun with friends. It’s that thing you can’t quite describe. What does that mean in a room? Well, you essentially want to have comfortable aspects of your spaces. So at my desk, that would be a soft lamp. I also have a comfortable chair. My side table contains self-care items. I have a reading space with some blankets and pillows. The windows have string lights. It’s another word for aesthetic that carries a deeper meaning.
  • Art
    • I don’t think my room would be complete with some tasteful art. Being minimalist, the idea of hanging art is so appealing to me. It’s transportable, doesn’t take up floor space, and it’s easier than painting or investing in large, bulky decorative pieces. I have some sketches and prints up, as well as paintings and a tapestry. Wall stickers are nice as well. My favorite type of wall art is those metal workings! The ones that are shaped like suns or flowers that you see outside on porches? Bring those babies inside. They add character and make the room feel more…hygge. 🙂
  • Sound
    • It sounds strange, but the way a room sounds can really affect every other aspect of the room. I live in an area where there are always birds chirping. If that’s something you have, I’d recommend opening the windows and letting nature be your soundtrack. I pair this with soft music, like Deep Focus on Spotify or some acoustic songs. White noise, of course, is another option that is less involved if you get distracted easily. Rain sounds are my favorite, but there are other sounds you can find all over the place!
  • Declutter
    • I can see you just rolling your eyes right now. “Duh.” Yes, I’m a minimalist and YES, I would tell you that decreasing the amount of clutter in your home increases the amount of positive energy there is. Trust me on this one. It’s very simple, and it’s the tip I would most recommend. If you can do nothing else, declutter your space and watch your productivity soar.

I’m feeling inspired and so ready to get final exams finished… How about you guys? Let me know in the comments below, or let me know on my Instagram page! Love ya.

-rachel ❤

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