summer self care.

It’s now the time of year where, at  least in the states, summer is in full swing. Time for adventures and holidays and hanging out with friends! (If you’re not, you’re still on break soon enough). I like to use this lovely break to really get my life together. You know, really buckle down and do some hard-core self love.

The first thing that I do is catch up on YouTube videos! I mean seriously. During the course of my studies, the creators I love to watch often get put on hold. I feel guilty! I support them whole-heartedly, so I can take time to watch their content and leave feedback. It feels good to get back into the community.

–This is also when I try to catch up on things like blog posts (hey, I take a hiatus every once in a while) and taking photos for Instagram. I’ve also gotten into filming my own videos… but we’ll get to that some other time.

So once I get the internet work out of the way, I like to read up! Another thing I don’t always have a chance to do in the flow of school is read a lot of books. Especially because I’m reading other material, it’s hard to keep reading another unrelated novel.

Exploring new lifestyle ideas (if you can’t tell) is a part of how my brain works. I take advantage of the  two-and-a-half month break to do some research! This could be about minimalism, fitness and health, journaling techniques, meditation… Whatever I’m feeling that day. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll be into tiny houses and owning a plant family. It’s all about the flow!

Of course, self care wouldn’t be complete without a little spa treatment. Simple things like shaving and moisturizing can be neglected. I also try to enjoy the luxury of a face mask, whether homemade or store-bought. Other things like homemade scrubs, bath bombs, and hair masks can really make a difference in how your summer glow-up manifests. Take time for your body.

–This being said, remember to work your body as well. Summer isn’t only a time to lounge around and mindlessly ingest media; you should also be sure to go out and play! Even if you’re an adult, especially if you’re an adult, you should still play. Go swimming, try hiking, dive into a new sport, take a Pilates class. Just have fun with it and take care of your body along the way. I’m doing a post about my yoga progress soon. I’ll link it here as soon as it’s up.

Take care of your mental state. If you’ve kept yourself from de-stressing, try to get back into the habit (or create a habit) of relaxing your mind. This might be through meditating, journaling, or making art/music. Any of these can work. I know that Kalyn Nicholson (you know I was gonna mention her) does her own Tarot readings as meditation, and if you’re into that, try that! It’s all about tuning into your thoughts and feelings.

So of course I listed mostly the ways I take care of myself, but I’d love to know how you do your self care! Leave a comment below. (P. S. I’ve been known to check out your content if you leave feedback… getting involved with my readers is fun. I want to get to know you guys!)

love you, and take care.

-rachel ❤

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