making your dreams appear.

Everyone has a dream, and I don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty hippie stuff (although I can if you want me too), but I’m gonna guess you want that dream to come true. I know I do. But you know what? Sitting here and wishing on that dream doesn’t make it any more real. It actually makes it less real. Because we’re wasting precious time. We could be running our business right now! Writing that book! Campaigning for president! I mean seriously, there are a lot better things to do with time than sit and wish.

So let’s find somebody else’s dreams.

Legit. Go on Pinterest or Tumblr or Instagram or whatever you use and print out the dreams others have that are similar to yours. Except the difference? Those photos are real. (I think.) The people who took those photos made it to that dream. So don’t sit here and tell me, as you scroll hopelessly in the feed, that YOU can’t make the dream happen. They did, right? And they aren’t you; only you are you. So you’re the only one who can make your dream a reality.

Now cut the crap. And cut out the photos too. Stick them somewhere you’ll see them every freaking day. Great. How does this help you? Eh, I haven’t figured it out either. U n t i l.

Sitting, waiting. Staring at an empty wall. Wait, no, that’s a wall with pictures on it. To be totally authentic it’s a cork board against a wall, but whatever. Those pictures are things I want! Seriously, I want that stuff. Those people have it. Why don’t I? I could have that. But I’m sitting here on my butt, staring at the board of someone else’s dreams. Why’d I make that? So dumb. I need to go do something to achieve that.

Oh yeah! That’s why I made it. So don’t give me excuses, and have fun with your dream board.

-rachel ‹3

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