moment of silence.

Five seconds. That’s all they get, five seconds.

Five seconds to remember the good times, and the bad.

Five seconds to think of all that mattered to them.

Five seconds, tick tick tick tick tick on the clock.

Then it’s back to our regularly scheduled programming, with chemistry tests and baseball practice and history essays.

Why don’t we hold a vigil? Is it too hard to take a day off from the typicalities? It’s normal to move on, yes. But it’s not normal to pretend as if no one has died.

D. I. E. D. Two people are gone. Like it or not, we must embrace that two members of our student family are missing from us. So is it right that we simply go back to studying and taking classes and doing homework?

For god’s sake, who can do homework when your friends are dead? 

But then again, what would they want from us? What if they want us to keep going, in their honor?

Maybe it’s okay. Maybe we should go back to the day-to-day. Maybe everything will be alright if we just keep moving. Keep going.

Just, while you continue to move, don’t forget to remember. Remember how funny Eric and Nathan were, how kind they could be, how good they were. Good kids who, unconnectedly, both lost their lives too young. Far too young.

As you go along, into your days and weeks and months and even years, keep remembering the good; don’t let it put a damper on your step for too long, though it’s perfectly okay to be sad. Be the remembrance that they deserve. Let yourself smile like they smile, laugh like they laughed, live like they lived; with good hearts and strength.

Love on a friend today. Love on anyone and everyone today. Say a prayer with a friend of a different faith, write letters with a possible enemy, make a pact to always reach out for help with someone you used to be friends with but don’t know so well now.

This is no time to fall apart, Titans. This is a time for strength in the Titan family. Strength around your own family, strength within yourself and your friends and faculty.

Be strong. Love loudly. Be proud of the ones we must remember. And keep going, for them.

What are you thinking?

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