I used to think that none of it mattered. That life would start in college, or once I got my first job, or when I got married or had kids. But I know many of you would say, “no, it starts now.” And it does.

I’ve come to the stark realization that I, no matter how invincible I might feel, will not be a seventeen-year-old girl forever. And seventeen years? How many of those years have I actually spent living, not just being alive? Because there IS a difference.

Every last one of these little things could be my last at any moment… and I don’t mean to be pessimistic here. I’m saying there’s a lot we’re ignoring, a lot we’re talking for granted. I won’t be a teenager for as long as I think, and soon I’ll be sitting in a suburban household wondering how I got there.

I want to remember how. I want to remember the steps I took.

Hey, I guess I’d like to create a few things while I’m here on earth. What does it mean to take your roots out and plant yourself somewhere else in some other grass? Don’t you know that there’s a lot more going on?

Doesn’t matter if the grass is greener on the other side. The “other side” is the side you’re on, so don’t stay there long. No need to pick any flowers; no need to do anything but fertilize the soil where you stand.

You see, the goal isn’t to assimilate or reorder. The goal is to expand, to evolve, to express, to explore. The four E’s, if you will. Hey, I guess I’d like to create a few things.

I’d like to meet a few new people who have new outtakes and outlooks on the current issues that maybe don’t make the front page. Of tabloids. Of big-time New York Times.

Show me what color your soul is, er, soil, and tell me it’s red like Oklahoma. Red like politicians crossin a red line, like read about all over, what’s black and white and re(a)d all over?

It’s all over? No, this is just the beginning. I’m only the beginning. I’m only seventeen and this is not the beginning… only a continuous story of many beginnings in the pockets of millennials or millions of stuck-on-things types of people. Continuously. Could be risky.

It did, it started a long time ago.

What are you thinking?

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