why I’m introverted (and why I haven’t apologized for it).

Recently, I’ve been working through accepting something very prominent about myself: I’m an introvert. Now, it’s not that I think it’s a bad thing — not at all. I simply seem to notice that while I’m less inclined to spend large amounts of time with others, most people enjoy lively situations. Additionally, my activities include more social types . . . which makes it hard to explain to others involved.

Why am I not more social? Why do I shy away from big crowds when life gets the most exciting? Well, I can’t answer that. I can only tell you that the universe works in mysterious ways, and some people are extroverts, and I’m an introvert. That’s it. That’s what’s so hard to accept.

Because when I get to my morning commute, there are groups of people who love to chat together about what they did yesterday or how that movie was or who’s dating whom. It’s exhausting.

And when I do what I do best, sit and listen or think in silence, people question my well-being. Because it’s not normal to be quiet. It’s not acceptable to introspectively contemplate, reserved.

So it’s hard to accept that about myself. I think it’s important to surround oneself with people who are okay with your own habits and tendencies; otherwise, you begin to feel that your personality is wrong. And remember this: your personality is never wrong.

That’s all I have to share today. Take this and think.

2 thoughts on “why I’m introverted (and why I haven’t apologized for it).

  1. Same.

    And people always think I’m not having a good time, even though I’m perfectly happy to sit and listen and observe everyone else yakking away.

    They think I’m “weird” because I always want to sit in the backseat if there’s more than 2 of us in a car. I sit in the back because I don’t have to talk. I can just look out the window and enjoy the ride and listen to the others talk.

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