17 life lessons at 17.

  1. There’s nothing vain about taking care of yourself. It’s okay to feel attractive.
  2. Spend less time with electronics and more time with people/nature.
  3. Your self worth does not come from other people; it comes from you.
  4. If there are things that interest you, explore them!
  5. Smile more.
  6. Drink your water, eat your veggies, and take your pills.
  7. Find exercise that feels good.
  8. Go to beautiful places and soak it up.
  9. Your friends need you! Check up on them, talk to them, spend time with them.
  10. Saying no is okay, even if it’s hard for others to accept.
  11. Reading is something everyone should do.
  12. Search for what you believe in. I mean really define it and understand it. It makes decisions so much easier.
  13. Even when you don’t feel like it, finish your projects. Complete the hard tasks.
  14. Do something every morning and night that centers you when you wake up and calms you before bed. It’s called a routine, and you’ve needed one since you were born.
  15. Figure out a way to organize and plan your life . . . don’t stop until you do.
  16. Explore more music, movies, TV, and reading material. You’re one CD away from your new favorite band, one website away from a blog that speaks to you.
  17. You will get older much faster than you think, so take care of your body and do everything! Don’t take your flexible, healthy, active body for granted. Do everything.

The year of being 16 was quite a year of growth for me, growth that came from realizations and experiences and relationships. Hopefully you find truth in some of these.

-me ❤

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