self expression and its effect on me.

Recently, it’s been on my mind that I express myself a lot more than the normal person. See, on a daily basis we come into contact with all sorts of people who enjoy very different activities. Some like making music, others taking photos, writing, interior design, film, acting, working out, meditating, cooking, minimalism, zero waste . . .

And usually, the average person has a niche, right? Well, all those things I listed above are things I am prone to doing on a regular basis. Yup. This year alone, I’m zoned to lead a foreign language club, copy edit for my school newspaper, perform in choir and theatre, take a college level English class . . . Seriously, I’m just an overscheduled mess.

But you know what? I really enjoy all those things, so I don’t take any of them off my plate. It does, however, affect me. So, how?

  • I’m busier. I don’t always have as much time as I’d like, as I’m running around doing all of the things. I may not have as many days to spend with friends and family during the average month, so I definitely have to make sure I’m keeping up my relationships. I also have to be an introvert, because if you’re someone who needs constant companionship, it’s hard to keep up with so many projects and tasks.
  • Speaking of tasks! Productivity is essential. If I couldn’t keep up with my tasks or projects or events, I would fall apart! Being so deeply involved has made me an excellent planner and prioritizer. Does that mean I don’t still procrastinate? I wish.
  • The renaissance girl. They’ve been called scanners, multi-potentialities, multitaskers, but I prefer the renaissance girl. It helps to have so many interests because if I want to try something new, it’s likely I’ve tried something similar already! My comfort zone is virtually nonexistent because I step out of it so much. Additionally, to high school/college students specifically, scholarships tend to roll in when you’ve got a lot of activities under your belt!
  • Knowing what I want to do with my life. The answer isn’t always clear with this one (ask my mom, who just recently figured out what she wanted to do), but I believe that I was able to zero in on my real calling by exploring many avenues. What I’ve learned is that if you can’t figure out a career with your main interest — such as underwater basket weaving — see if you can combine it with something else. Maybe you also have a passion for marine life, so you join an organization that helps clean oceans. And when you make a stop, then you can weave your baskets. (That was a stretch, but you get where I’m going, right?)
  • I’ve met so many people! All of my clubs, activities, initiatives, creative outlets . . . It’s helped me meet so many amazing and influential people. Each person that you meet can teach you something new, and you should always seek out mentor-ship for whatever you do. (I’m looking at the turtle-loving basket weaver.) My favorite self-help author, Brendon Burchard, likes to say that “you never have to start from scratch.” I agree! The tools are there when you’re around people who do what you do! Don’t use it as competition, use it as a learning experience. Because if you’re better than everyone in the room, you’re in the wrong room.

Comment below and let me know what your interests are! I want to know.

❤ -rachel

3 thoughts on “self expression and its effect on me.

  1. The answer isn’t always clear with this one (ask my mom, who just recently figured out what shewanted to do), but I believe that I was able to zero in on my real calling by exploring many avenues. What 


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