going pescatarian.

I’ve been pescatarian for a year now, so I thought it was a good time to share my experience.

What made me change my diet?

Well, a few things. The primary reason being that I was watching a lot of influencers who went vegan and experienced positive results, like Kalyn Nicholson. I also watched a few documentaries, like Cowspiracy, and found my heart breaking for the Earth and its pollution, as well as animal cruelty. I also thought, “what’s the harm? it’s not like I can’t switch back if it doesn’t work for me.”

What did I do?

Well, I told my family (being 16 at the time, I couldn’t just choose my own meals), and they were a little surprised, but eventually okay with it. The transition was rather easy, and meals were easily altered to include vegetables and fish rather than meat. My family has been incredibly supportive of this decision, and I’m excited to say I’m not going back!

Did you notice any differences?

Actually, yes! Removing meat from my diet has done two very helpful things. One, I have a lot fewer headaches than I used to. (I would get them every other, if not every, day.) That’s been nice. I also feel that I have much more energy! I was feeling fatigued on the daily, but now, I wake up feeling refreshed and don’t feel exhausted around 4 o’clock, which is when I would crash. I have hardly gotten sick at all, too, which may or may not be from the diet change.

What now?

Eventually, I intend to go completely vegan. I’d like to do more research on creating a balanced diet and find a way to do so sustainably (on my own). Until I am living on my own, though, I’m going to respect that an entirely vegan transition would be difficult for my non-vegan family, which is totally understandable. Plant based diets are not for everyone, so that transition will wait until after I’ve moved out.

If you’d like to know what I eat in a week, I’d be happy to track that. Comment below if you’re interested.

– rachel ❤

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