lessons from milwaukee, wisconsin.

I recently went on a mission trip with Next Step Ministries in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was a week-long trip, and it went a little something like this:

  • Thirty-something adults and teens packed into fifteen-passenger vans.
  • 11-ish hours in said vans, with non-stop road trip music.
  • 10 very loud and energetic 20-somethings leading us in worship, service to others, and everything in between
  • All of us sleeping like sardines on inflatable mattresses
  • Lighting candles and crying because we all loved each other

So now that you have some sort of picture, I’m gonna list the things I learned.

  • Even introverts need a little social interaction
  • Language barriers — although complicated — are easily overcome with proper training
  • Everyone has something, so check on your friends
  • Music is my main ingredient for life
  • You’re not always gonna agree with everybody, but you can find something to love about everybody
  • 1 hour spent in silence with 1 person can teach you more about them than 1,000 hours spent in constant noise and motion
  • Emotions don’t show up for me easily, and that’s something I need to dissect
  • Confidence comes from within NO MATTER WHAT

So that’s it, just a short list for y’all today. Next week, expect something about going back to high school . . . for the last time!

What are you thinking?

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