i’m writing a novel. again.

Hello, my lovely readers! I wanted to reach out and post something, as I haven’t for a while. Many of you know I’m a high school student, so blogging isn’t always my first priority (although I wish it could be!). You may be familiar with what we writers call “NaNoWriMo,” or National Novel Writing Month. Yeah, I’m doing that again.

Last year, I made 35,000 words of headway on my novel, “Guilty.” This year, my plan is to win. Winning means 50,000 words of pure writing! This means I’m doing lots of character work, and I’m trying all sorts of prep tactics so I don’t fall behind.

My novel plot this year is about a young boy named Kasey who disappears after celebrating a successful Pinewood Derby race with a buddy. His older sister and parents are forced to move on because the police and the town both stop searching for him. It gets to be a year or so, and his older sister decides to suck it up and sift through all the boxes in the shed where they used to hang out. She finds her great-grandmother’s Book of Shadows and becomes a witch.

I think it’s a very strong plot, and I’m hoping that one day, you all will get to (or want to) read it! I’ve never written horror/supernatural before. There’s a first time for everything. 🙂

So how am I prepping? I’m listening to “How to Win NaNo” and “Write-Minded,” two excellent podcasts I found on Spotify. Spotify, might I say, is an excellent place to find podcasts…they’re free, you can download them, and you can set them to nighttime mode so they only play for a certain amount of time. I don’t have Spotify premium. Totally recommend these two podcasts (and Kalyn’s Coffee Talk if you aren’t into writing).

I’m also going through NaNoWriMo’s free prep book on their website. It’s helping me with world-building (although it’s set in upstate New York), character building, motivation, plot holes…the whole nine yards. NaNo’s website also holds a bunch of forums and exciting community things to keep you motivated and working all November long.

I’m pre-writing a little of my novel. My plan is to have the first 5,000 words done before November. I realize this is cheating, which is why I labeled myself as a NaNo Rebel on my account. Which, by the way, if you’d like to add me as a NaNo buddy, my username is @rachelellynnm! I also have a new author instagram called @rachelellynnmauthor. Follow me everywhere. 🙂

While you’re here, check out this link to get 4 months free on WordPress Engine’s annual shared web hosting plans!

anyway, that’s my quick update. comment below if you’re NaNo-ing too!

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