music on my mind

I’m a firm believer that music has the capability to change us fundamentally — if not forever, then for the short time that it plays. If this is true, then we must be very aware of the music we’re choosing to put in our ears. I’ve made a list of songs that set my soul on fire.

  1. Slam — AWOLNATION: I had to start off with a song from my favorite band’s latest album, Angel Miners and the Lightning Riders. Every song is excellent, but this one is probably my favorite. It just gives off this epic, bad-ass vibe that we all crave in a song.
  2. Great American Novel — Max Jury: This song makes you feel like you’re in a movie.
  3. Follow the Sun — Xavier Rudd: I heard this one while on an adventure with a friend. It just reminds me of good times.
  4. Ambivalence — Hanz, emawk: Imagine you’re on a city bus, on your way home from a long day. You’re going to rest for a while. It’s drizzling.
  5. Wolf Like Me — TV On The Radio: I can’t explain it, but this song makes me want to run a marathon?
  6. Dead of Night — Orville Peck: One of the most beautiful tunes I’ve ever heard.
  7. Honeybee — Steam Powered Giraffe: Going with the beautiful theme, this song has some of the most gorgeous vocals… and the layering, the lyrics… it’s golden.
  8. Doomed — Moses Sumney: His music might be a bit different than your average alternative/indie sound, but it’s still darn magical.
  9. Take Me Out — Young Summer: I’m a sucker for slow covers of well-known songs, and this one just works so well. Although I adore the original, this sad singer-songwriter feel just twists your heart. Ugh.
  10. Born In The Slumber — flora cash, Death Stranding: Timefall: Heard this one live at the online Buzz Beach Batll. Beautiful.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for now… but I’m sure I’ll have more later. Enjoy!

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