Nice to meet you. This is the official blog for author Rachel Ellynn M., but you can call me El. I run things here. You can expect a blog post every Saturday morning, at 7 AM. On the dot. Well, and sometimes I’ll just post sporadically. Anyway, I’m glad to see you here. Let me give you a little introduction to my site.

Where to find stuff: To navigate, go past the header and click on the little menu icon at the top right. On the left column, you can find my homepage, which is a scrolling list of my recent blog posts. You can peruse the latest, or you can click “Select Category” under “Find Posts” to look at a drop-down menu if you’re looking for something specific. I write about a lot of different things. It’s easy to get lost! You’ll also see my “About” page, where you are now. Then, there’ll be a link to creating your own WordPress site. It’s there if you want it. You can also subscribe by email, see what books I’m reading, and even buy me a coffee on Ko-Fi if you’d like. (Please don’t feel pressured to.)

There you have it! Pretty simple.

About Me: I am a young blogger from KCMO who has a lot to write about! I love learning about new lifestyles, so I tend to write about those here. Examples include minimalism, plant-based diets, bullet journaling, and more. I’m also a self-published author on Amazon. You can find my author page here. In my free time (and when I’m not writing), I love playing music, reading, yoga, getting coffee, and watching Netflix. I hope you’ll go on adventures with me!

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-ellynn ❤