got the blues?

we've all felt down at some point in our lives. more than ever, the world needs to hear this message: you are not alone. I know life has been really difficult. I find myself going between boredom, sadness/loneliness, peacefulness, joy, and then the whole cycle again. sometimes I feel nothing. I just want you all … Continue reading got the blues?

personal pan poetry: early house

time moves too fast hereI can feel the clocks movingat different speedswith different goals in mindthey all wish to achieve somethingso each clock ticks when it wantsthe wakeup clock ticks only in the morningthe bedtime one at nightthe coffee clock shortly afterthe wakeup (if done right)the put on shoes and go clock goeswhenever there's somewhere … Continue reading personal pan poetry: early house

18 lessons at 18

Photo by Anton Darius on Unsplash I've just turned 18! Happy birthday toooooo meeeee... A few notes, though, before I get into the post: I'm sure you've noticed that my website looks a little different. Yes, I've scored a sweet new domain name! Say hello to I've come a long way in the years I've had … Continue reading 18 lessons at 18

6 years on wordpress.

When did this happen? Have I really been here this long? Did I seriously open this account as an 11 year old? When I was seven, I decided I would be a writer. Ten years later, here I am. Poetry published in six places, three other books in the works, planning for college. Did little … Continue reading 6 years on wordpress.

i’m writing a novel. again.

Hello, my lovely readers! I wanted to reach out and post something, as I haven't for a while. Many of you know I'm a high school student, so blogging isn't always my first priority (although I wish it could be!). You may be familiar with what we writers call "NaNoWriMo," or National Novel Writing Month. … Continue reading i’m writing a novel. again.